If you need to get your roof fixed, the first thing that you have to do is find a certified roofing contractor that can handle the project. The search for the best roofing contractor alone is going to be a tedious one, so make sure to allocate enough time in finding and qualifying the right service provider for the job.  


Once you found the ideal roofing contractors, the next thing you do is request a quote from them. Usually, they would go to your place and give your roof a thorough inspection before giving you a quote. That’s the better way of doing it instead of giving you a ballpark figure over the phone. After the quote, the contract comes next, and that signals the agreement between you and the roofing contractor.  

What’s Inside Roofing Contracts? 

It’s not enough that you just review the contractor’s quote. You must also give the roofing contract a double look over. Always remember that everything in the contract is legal and binding. Once you affix your signature to it, you’re agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated therein. Below are some things in the contract that you should always double check: 

  1. The client, project, and contractor’s basic information

Verify that the company name, address, phone, and email in the contract are exactly what you have in your file. Bring up any discrepancies and update information as necessary. The contract should also include the roofing company’s license number or business ID number. The location of the project along with your name, address, phone, and email should be listed as well. The contract should clearly indicate where the project site is.  

  1. 2. The scope of the project with itemized pricing anddescriptive installation method

The contract should include all the terms and prices that have been previously agreed upon. It should match whatever was declared on the quote unless you requested some adjustments along the way. The contract should describe the project in full detail, like if it’s a roof replacement or roof repair. It should also include the expectations for the finished project. The type of materials to be used should also be fully specified as well.  

A detailed explanation of how the roofing materials will be installed should be listed there too. The contract should indicate any equipment to be used and the number of laborers employed. The entirety of the project should be discussed, from teardown, preparation, and the roof’s specific angle of inclination, whichever are applicable. 

  1. 3. Schedule and payment terms 

It should say on the contract the specific start and end date of the project, as well as the preferred methods of payment. It should indicate there when the deposits, interim payments, and final balances are due. If there are taxes to be paid, that should be included in the computation as well. 

If you want to get the best Arlington roofing contracts, seek a company that has many years of experience in handling all types of roofing projects. Their contracts should include all of these items and other helpful information needed for a well-executed project.